This is the website of the Depressive Disorders Support Group.

We welcome your questions or comments and hope you will find our site useful.

Our Mission

Our sole purpose, and reason for being, is to help those with Depressive Disorders by meeting on a regular basis to share experiences and emotionally support one another.  We have no other agenda, nothing to sell, nothing to advertise and no sponsors. We have no affiliation with any organization, government agency, political ideology or religious creed. We have no financial support from any source and money is neither solicited or accepted.

Important - Before you attend . . .

Please click on the "Our Group" tab above and read the entire page. Please take special note that we do not allow anyone to attend the group who does not have a depressive disorder. Also, you must attend by yourself. We do not allow spouses, family members or friends to attend with you.

If you are a teacher, student, a reporter, doctor, nurse, someone doing research for a project, just curious or want to attend for any other reason than having a depressive disorder yourself, please do not attend. If you try to attend, you will be turned away. Turning someone away is a difficult thing for everyone, but we won't hesitate to do it. Please don't let this happen.

Please do not attend if you do not have a depressive disorder.